About Alpha Warmblood Stud

The home of Alpha Warmblood Stud is Farm Lichtenstein West, some 30km south-west of Windhoek in the Khomas Hochland, central Namibia.  The terrain is mountainous with a large variety of grasses that grow here naturally.

The horses grow up in herds where they learn natural horse behaviour.  The youngsters mainly live off the veld and are fed additionally when conditions get too dry to support their development.

Natural grazing and the hard ground ensure that the horses develop healthy bone and well-formed hard hooves.

The youngsters are handled straight after birth to accustom them to humans.  They receive further training when weaned and then regularly until they are backed.

When they live in their herds they have opportunity to develop their paces freely.

Over the past 15 years we have continuously built our stud through top European dressage and showjumping sires.

Most of these sires can be found in the top rankings of their studbooks, the FN rankings or those of the WBFSH.

These mares are the base for even better and more specialised sport and dressage horses.